In the centre of our activities we place the human being and his health, as well as the safety of his nutrition.

Your Professional Partner
for Immunoassays

Immunolab manufactures highly sensitive and specific immuno-diagnostics and analytical reagents in compliance with current quality standards. The company and its processes are certified according to ISO 9001 und ISO 13485.

All test kits are developed in our facility and are produced by our team.

Being member of Eurofins Technologies, which is a part of the Eurofins group, it is possible to combine the advantages of a mid-sized company and the possibilities of a global companies’ network.

Our Products for
Clinical Diagnostics

Immunolab produces a broad spectrum of ELISA kits and reagents for human Clinical Diagnostics of the areas listed below:

All products are marked with the CE sign indicating their compliance with the European In-Vitro Diagnostic Regulation.

In addition we offer various kits for veterinary diagnostic purposes.

Our  Products for
Food Analysis (Safety)

The established Food Analysis kits of Immunolab provide high-sensitive determinations of Allergens, Antibiotics, Hormones, Mycotoxins, Vitamins and Histamine in food, feed and their raw materials.

Besides multiple ELISA kits we also offer immunoaffinity columns. Their intended use is the purification and concentration of samples as a preparation for subsequent analytical detection methods (e.g. HPLC, mass spectroscopy, ELISA).