Crustaceans ELISA

Parameter Cat. No.
96 Tests
Cat. No.
48 Tests
Crustaceans ELISA CRU-E01 CRU-E04

Intended Use:

The Immunolab Crustaceans ELISA is a quick and sensitive method for the quantitative determination of tropomyosin from crustaceans in foods.



Test principle: Sandwich enzyme immunoassay
Format: Microtiter plate with 96/48 wells
Incubation time: 60 min (20/20/20 min)
Standards: 0; 20, 60; 200; 400 ppb
Detection: 450 nm (HRP + TMB)
Detection limit (LOD)
Soy sauce             1.7 ppb
Vegetable soup      3.6 ppb
Bakery products     0.9 ppb
Fish                       8.5 ppb
Meat                    10.3 ppb
Storage: 2–8°C


Spike Solution

Parameter Concentration Cat. No.
Tropomyosin 10000 ppb CRU-S01

Intended Use:

The Immunolab Tropomyosin Spike Solution is intended for the execution of spiking experiments in combination with the Immunolab Crustaceans ELISA kit.