Company profile

Founded in 1992, Immunolab started its operations as routine laboratory for allergy diagnostics. The name Immunolab originates from this task, applying immunological methods. Soon we started with the development, production and distribution of our own products. Both, food safety and IVD medical devices were covered from the very beginning. Products and processes were driven by quality thinking which resulted in the accredited establishment of our quality management system in 2002, followed by the accreditation of all IVD products according to the European legislation. As a demand of constant growth we moved to our own facility in 2007, which was extended considerably in 2015 and is equipped according to all modern standards.

During the period of 2014 to 2018 Immunolab was part of the internationally acting Biovendor group. In January 2019 Immunolab joined Eurofins Technologies. This gives us the chance to combine all our experience and flexibility as a mid-sized company with the possibilities of a global companies’ network. Still, all our products are based on immunological techniques. The fascination of this simple, however reliable and broadly applicable method never ceased. After decades of experience, creative solutions and hard work we became experts in immunoassays in all its facets. Now we are able to provide a multitude of products, covering food safety, medical IVD and veterinary applications.

With our products we serve German, European and international markets. Diagnostic manufacturers, clinics, private laboratories and an established network of distributors rely on the quality of our test kits and service.

From the very beginning we had a high emphasis on quality. Hereby, the accreditation according to international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 is a matter of course. More important, we focused on the development of our processes, not only to reach a high level of product quality, but also to improve service, communication skills and technical competence on various levels.

All this cannot be achieved without our dedicated, reliable and flexible team. With most of its members Immunolab is connected by a long-lasting partnership. A sophisticated education and – more important – an detailed additional in-house training ensures to develop in a diagnostic world, ever growing more complex. Interdisciplinary thinking and acting help to persist in this highly knowledge driven business.

We believe in having strong and long-lasting partnerships built on trust and competence instead of mere supplier-customer relationships. Even if sometimes challenging, we find flexible and customized solutions, not relying on simple off-the shelf products and standard processes. Thus, our R&D, production and customer service processes are designed to aim for a high degree of flexibility, supported by strong QM processes.