immunoSERVICE order guidelines and requirements

Ordering guidelines:

  • Prepare your samples according to the sample requirements below.

  • Print this form, fill in and send along with your marked sample(s).

Immunolab is not liable for samples that arrived in damaged status, if samples arrive damaged due to improper preparation and / or storage by the client as well as due to improper or delayed transport.

Due to data protection only anonymous patient data may be transmitted to Immunolab!

Sample requirements:

We accept human patient samples (1 ml) as serum or plasma. To ensure a reliable samples testing and as sample handling and collecting matters we advise sample (s) sender to:

  • Store the patients’ serum or plasma (EDTA, heparin, citrate) at 2-8°C max. for up to 7 days prior to the scheduled shipping date.
  • Be aware that lipemic, hemolytic or bacterially contaminated samples can cause false positive or false negative results.

  • Ensure that the patients’ serum is separated from the blood, which is aseptically drawn by venipuncture, after clotting and centrifugation.

Test procedure and transmission of the results:

Immunolab uses CE marked and market established food intolerance test-kits based on the ELISA method to conduct the testing.

The tests are carried out by trained laboratory personnel in the premises of Immunolab and verified by a regulated internal quality control.

At an additional cost, a personalized food rotation plan which is based on the analytical data, could be purchased at extra charge.

Transport regulation

• Please make sure that the sample containers are properly closed.

• Please note that for reasons of stability, transportation should not take longer than 4 days.

• Since our company is closed on weekends, please make sure your samples arrive Monday through Friday 4pm (CET).

• Please use the packaging imprint: “Exempted medical sample”.