Mycobacterium tuberculosis ELISA

The infectious agents of tuberculosis are acid resistant rod-shaped bacteria belonging to family of Mycobacteriaceae, genus Mycobacterium. The germ was discovered by Robert Koch in 1882. Mycobacteriosis are human infectious diseases with the widest global spread and highest rates of death. Because of the high infectivity of pathogen mycobacteria early diagnostics is crucial to prevent a further spread of the disease. Tuberculosis doesn’t occur in developing countries only with 8 millions of new infections per year but appears in industrialized countries as well with several thousands of cases per year.

The Immunolab Mycobacterium tuberculosis sensitive IgG/IgM/IgA ELISAs are quantitative and qualitative tests for the detection of human antibodies to M. tuberculosis in serum and plasma. Our ELISA for the determination of IgG antibodies uses a mixture of recombinant antigens (18, 36 and 40 kDa) to identify an immune reaction to the bacteria in human sera. A fresh or relapsed infection is diagnosed by IgA- or IgM tests.


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