Tetanus Toxoid ELISA

Clostridium tetani, s gram positive, anaerobe, mobile, spore-forming rod-shaped bacterium is the causative agent of tetanus. The resistant spores ubiquitously reach the soil by faeces, where they can persist over years. After infection of open wounds spores start to propagate under anaerobe conditions in the tissue. They form toxins including the strong neurotoxin Tetanospasmine. It can cause severe myospasms and paralysis. The vaccination using a tetanus toxoid is very effective but should be repeated every 5-10 years. Injured people should be boostered if the last vaccination is older than 5 years.

The Immunolab Tetanus Toxoid IgG ELISA is used for the quantitative detection of IgG antibodies to tetanus toxoid in human serum and plasma. The test should be used to check the immune status before and after a vaccination. The test is standardized by a WHO reference preparation ensuring the comparability of the measured values.


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