Standard Formats

The Immunolab Food Intolerance Screening Tests provide a fast
and reliable detection of specific IgG and IgG4 antibodies to numerous
food antigens in order to identify potent­ial food intolerances.

Currently we offer 5 standard formats which differ by the antibody
(IgG or IgG4) to be detected, food antigen types and food antigen number. Depending on the antigen layout, various numbers of patients can be testes per kit. Product description, catalogue number and links to direction inserts, antigen scheme and material safety data sheets are included in the table below.

Parameter Cat. No. Antigen Scheme


Specific IgG Screening, 3x 24 food antigens ILE-SCG25
Specific IgG Screening, 1x 88 food antigens ILE-SCG26


Specific IgG4 Screening, 4x 20 food antigens ILE-SCG06
Specific IgG4 Screening, 3x 24 food antigens ILE-SCG210
Specific. IgG4 Screening, 1x 88 food antigens ILE-SCG80

In addition to the 5 standard formats mentioned above we offer a unique concept. It allows the user to define an individual test profile by selecting food antigen number and types from more than 400 available food antigens.

Furthermore, Immunolab provides a simple, user-friendly evaluation of its food intolerance tests.