In allergy diagnostics we focus on the detection of specific IgE antibodies to special allergens. Immunolab’s allergen panel includes numerous chemicals, drugs as occupational substances. Activated paper (cellulosis) discs are used as matrix for coupling the allergens . The resulting allergen discs provide ensure both high stability and long biological shelf life. Allergen discs are available in boxes and vials including at least 25 discs.

In addition to allergen discs we offer all reagents required for a manual test performance. This is a modular system consisting of an EIA or RIA (I-125) detection kit as well as a reference unit including graded calibrators and respective reference discs.

Further we offer a Total IgE EIA as completion of the classical allergy diagnostics.

These parameters are available:


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Specific IgE Cat. N0.
Specific IgE Special Allergens, 25 discs/box ILE-IGS01
Specific IgE Enzyme Conjugate, 100 tests ILE-ALE02
Specific IgE Tracer (RIA, I-125), 100 tests ILR-E01
Specific IgE Reference Unit, 5 series ILE-IGE03


Total IgE Cat. No.
Total IgE ELISA, 96 tests ILE-IGE02