Line Blots immunoLINE


Immunolabs new range of immunoLINE IgE Allergy Line Blots features a broad spectrum of allergens known to account for allergies in susceptible individuals and are grouped in a clinically meaningful way. Each individual test strip is coated with 20 different allergens including CCD (Cross-reactive Carbohydrat Determinants) for the detection of antibodies of low clinical relevance and a control line for test evaluation. Each kit comes with an incubation tray that facilitates parallel processing of up to eight patient samples.

These Line Blots are available:

Line Blot IgE Cat. No.
IgE Nutritional, 16 tests ILE-LBL20
IgE Seasonal, 16 tests ILE-LBL21
IgE Perennial, 16 tests ILE-LBL22
IgE Atopic, 16 tests ILE-LBL23


Features and Benefits

  • • 100 μL of serum or plasma specimen
  • • Time to result 2 h
  • • Qualitative results based on color scheme OR
  • • Quantitative results with Immunolabs free of charge evaluation software “immunoLINE Evaluation Tool(Requires any commercially available flatbed scanner)
  • • Compatible with commercially available blot processors (E.G. AutoBlot 3000, Med Tec ProfiBlot™ 48, Tecan)
  • • Reagents (excl. wash buffer) ready-to-use
  • • 16 Test strips, one per patient, with 20 allergens
  • • Simple manual procedures
  • • Incubation at room temperature
  • • High stability; shelf life 24 months


immunoLINE Evaluation Tool (click to enlarge)