Mycotoxins (mold toxins) are secondary metabolism products from molds which can cause a mycotoxicosis. Very low concentrations are sufficient to develop the toxic effects. The uptake of mycotoxins by moldy foodstuffs can lead to damages of liver and kidneys, impairment of the immune system, damages of skin and mucosa etc. Some mycotoxins are even carcinogenic as they can cause genetic defects.

Aspergillus and Pencillium species grow under inadequate storage conditions of foodstuff. Typical resulting mycotoxins are Aflatoxins. Field fungi, like Fusarium, are generated in the field or by contaminations of the agricultural harvested crop. Typical mycotoxins are Fumonisin and Zearalenone.

Immunolab offers the following ELISA kits and immunoaffinity columns (IAC) for the detection and purification of diverse mycotoxins, respectively:

Immunoaffinity Columns